About Us

FenixES has been established by the petroleum engineers who are graduated from ITU and METU. The founding purpose is producing the laboratory and field equipment which are needed in the industries of petroleum, natural gas, and geothermal with the designs which are fitted the bill of the problems and needs in these fields.

The company continues its work at its main office in OSTIM Teknopark, and with its cooperation with machining firms, it turns their research – development works into products, and serves Turkish industry. Beside its research – development works, it offers setting up laboratories as key-ready in the fields that are mentioned above. With its qualified and rigorous works, FenixES purposes being a trustworthy company in terms of providing laboratory and analysis equipment and continues working to make this purpose come true.


FenixES looks after the society’s and environment’s benefits and pays regard the ethical values while continuing its own works. We are working earnestly and studiously to be a trustworthy brand in the sector, and will continue in accordance with our purpose of being qualified. With our work, we desire to be useful for primarily our country, and our society, environment and our partners with whom we are working together. Developing products as qualified and affordable as the customers need. We  always want to be up-to-date in terms of production, manufacturing and problem-solving in the fields that we are serving. Being global, and gaining acceptance and power with our high quality and authentic products in foreign markets.


FenixES does all its work by considering the interests of society and the environment, and adhering to its ethical values. It works seriously, meticulously and consistently in order to continue all its activities, to carry it out in accordance with its quality understanding and to be a reliable brand in all the sectors it is interested in.


Our research – development department has the vision and fund of knowledge, and merge these with their experiences in order to constantly move forward. Our departments main purposes are to raise the quality standards of the products, and finding cost decreasing solutions and adapting these innovations to the products.