FenixES LPG Vaporizer’s design has been equipped with all the necessities of the standard DIN51619. Having this kind of design, the instrument is the first and only domestic product in Turkey. Its design includes high quality electronic and mechanic components, and it can be easily operated. The parts of the instrument, gas collection cup, valves, pressure regulators, and all the fittings, are stainless steel.


  • The instrument is coherent with the necessities of the standard EN – DIN.
  • It is produced by using high quality components.
  • It can be ready fast for the tests.
  • It can be operated by the user easily. 
  • It has special design with the characteristic of high repeatability.

Technical Data

Wetting MaterialLength of the Gas ColonInner diameter of the Gas ColonTemperature of the Gas ColonRange of gas flowParticulate filterGazlaşma Sonrası BasınçTemperature controllerMeasuring elementOperating voltage
Stainless Steel3 meters1 (± 0.1 mm)70…100℃0-5 litre/minute15 micron15 Bar MaxPID controlThermocouple220v/50Hz