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HFRR Test Specimens

Research has shown that the High frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR) test is the best test to accurately measure diesel fuel lubrication. Upper specimens and lower specimens are produced by FenixES. FenixES high frequency reciprocating rig ( HFRR ) specimens meeting the requirements of ISO 12156-1, ASTM D6079, ASTM D7688 and IP450 diesel test standards.

Our high frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR) specimens are actively used in SGS laboratories, SOCAR Star Refinery, Middle East Technical University Petroleum research laboratory and EGE Petroleum research laboratory.

Our HFRR test specimen can be produced desires sizes.

Upper Specimen (Ball) Specifications:

Standard 6mm (Might be produced in desired dimensions)AISI 52100/535A99 (Grade 28 per ISO 3290)58-66 Rockwell ‘C’ Scale (ISO 3290-1)<0,05µM RaISO12156-1, ASTM D6079/D7688, IP 450 and JPI-5S-50

Lower Specimen (Plate) Specifications:

Standard 10mm (Might be produced in desired dimensions)Standard 3mm (Might be produced in desired dimensions)SAE-AMS 6440 Steel, AISI 52100/535A99190-210 Hv30 Vickers (ISO 6507-1)<0,02µM RaISO12156-1, ASTM D6079/D7688, IP 450 and JPI-5S-50