All shaking incubator have the state-of-art microprocessor detection,setting and PID control of both temperature and shaking speed, together with the extra CO2 and humidification active controlling options on Ultimate-cell range, Innova is able to offer complete solutions for all lab shaking incubation needs. These units can be categorized into 4 ranges, from benchtop,horizontal, double layer to stackable models.

Premium Stackable Shaking Incubator

This ZWYR-D series shaking incubators can be stacked up to three units high, providing laboratory professionals tripled culture capacity, while still only occupying the same “footprint” of a single shaker. All models feature an insulated, folddown door with double-layer glass window for high visibility. On all refrigerating models, microprocessor controller provides unmatched versatility by enable users to create personalized program (with up to 9 segments, with cycling) to automate changes to function parameters.

Ultimate-Cell Stackable Shaking Incubator

Thanks to the ongoing development of both technology and functionality requirements from our industry, INNOVA has been thriving to innovate and is now able to offer our latest and comprehensive solution for microbial, mammalian and plant cell incubation needs, the inspiring ZWYC-290A Ultimate-cell Stackable Shaking Incubator.


Premium benchtop shaking incubator offers conditions of time, broad temperature and orbital or reciprocal agitation capabilities for meeting comprehensive requirement of the growth of biological organisms.


These new double layer shaking incubators in a class of their own, are specially developed a cost effective and space saving solution for the modern biological engineering departments; the units are widely used in the applications of germ culture, hybridization, biochemical research, enzyme, and cellular tissues. These incubators have a smooth compact design, which are very efficient and have an excellent floor space/performance factor. The double layer shaking frame supports two trays above each other, doubles the capacity for smaller flasks, while after removing the top tray (Shaking frame upgrade required).