Social Responsibility

We are aware of that the youth as the future of our country is the key element of our society. So that, we think that supporting them while they are still undergraduates is essential. We are eager to support them with their internships and graduation projects. By doing that, we are learning and improving our works with them as well.

If you are a student of petroleum and natural gas engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial design engineering, mechatronics engineering departments of the universities, and want to be a part of FenixES family, please send us a mail that includes your resume, a short letter of intention that includes your aim with your internship via [email protected]

Since we see the senior students as colleagues, we also provide support with their graduation projects as well. We want to help you by offering our sources if they meet your needs of course. We can have an exchange of ideas, can provide you a backing about your designing process or manufacturing process. These are totally non-profit supports. If you are interested, you can send us a mail that includes your resume, a letter about your project’s aim, needs, and details via [email protected]