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HFRR Test Specimens

Our high frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR) specimens are actively used in SGS laboratories, SOCAR Star Refinery, Middle East Technical University Petroleum research laboratory and EGE Petroleum research laboratory.

Our HFRR test specimen can be produced desires sizes.

High Pressure Regulators

Vigor brand regulators allow high precision adjustment despite high pressure. Made of stainless steel body and Hastelloy diaphragm, the high pressure regulators are resistant to corrosion, rust and many chemicals. You can find our high pressure regulators on our website and send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information.


INNOVA INOGW glassware washer are designed to provide unmatched flexibility, excellent cleaning, and drying efficiency. When combined with especially formulated chemistries and global service offering, INNOVA' unique certified cleaning process provides a higher level of assurance that expected cleaning results are achieved.


We are supplying ball valve, needle valve, flow control valve, fitings, pressure relief valve, particulate filter, flow control valves, quick connect, sample cylinder, pipe and hoses for setting up the high pressure systems in accordance with the needs of the customers.

Sample Containers

With our aluminum, glass and plastic bottles storage containers, we meet our customers' durable, sealed sample storage needs in laboratory and factory environments.


FenixES has been established by the petroleum engineers who are graduated from ITU and METU. The founding purpose is producing the laboratory and field equipment which are needed in the industries of petroleum, natural gas, and geothermal with the designs which are fitted the bill of the problems and needs in these fields.


FenixES, without sacrificing quality, is productive with their solutions, is competent with the names under its roof, and is prudent about nature and environment… With the services that you are looking for, we are offering to be a solution partner of yours.

Laboratory Setup

We are helping to solve the problems in the sector with the machine equipment design and manufacturing we do for the needs of our customers.

Machinery and Equipment Design

We are helping to solve the problems in the sector with the machine equipment design and manufacturing we do for the needs of our customers.

Sales and Service

Our company provides sales and after-sales services for laboratory and field test equipment that we manufacture, high pressure connection equipment we import, and pressure regulators for various applications.


We are aware of that the youth as the future of our country is the key element of our society. So that, we think that supporting them while they are still undergraduates is essential. We are eager to support them with their internships and graduation projects. By doing that, we are learning and improving our works with them as well.