PP Acid-Base Cabinet

FenixES PP acid-base cabinet

Hazardous chemicals refer to highly toxic chemicals and other chemicals that are poisonous, corrosive, explosive, flammable, and combustion-supporting, and are harmful to the human body, facilities, and the environment. In order to protect our safety and health, hazardous chemicals should be placed in special cabinets.



1.This product is resistant to strong acid, strong alkali and corrosion.

2.Reduce environmental pollution and maintain the health of users.

3.The cabinet adopts integral molding and seamless welding technology, which greatly strengthens the structure of the cabinet and effectively reduces the deformation of the cabinet caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

4.The cabinet body is made of 8mm high-quality polypropylene board, and the hinge handle and other accessories are made of homogeneous polypropylene material resistant to strong acid and strong alkali.

5.Non-standard specifications: can be customized according to customer needs


MODELVolume (Gal/L)ShelfSpecificationDimensions (H*W*D)
SCJ0404/151single door560*430*430
SCJ12012/451single door890*590*460
SCJ30030/1131double door1120*1090*460
SCJ45045/1702double door1650*1090*460
SCJ60060/2272double door1650*860*860
SCJ90090/3402double door1650*1090*860
SCJ700Double Door Medicine Cabinet3double door1800*900*450
SCJ800Four door medicine cabinet3four doors1800*900*450


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