Borosilicate Glass Wiped Film Molecular Distillation System

FenixES Borosilicate Glass Wiped Film Molecular Distillation System

The main components of the glass short path molecular distillation are made of high borosilicate 3.3 material, and the evaporator is made of glass sintering, which is easy to clean without dead corners. At the same time, it reduces the number of interfaces and ensures high vacuum; the experimental materials are distilled from feeding to collecting materials. The process is intuitive and visual, and the parameter settings can be adjusted at any time according to the experimental phenomenon, which is convenient to quickly find the best process conditions. The high borosilicate glass also has good corrosion resistance, which is an ideal choice for experimental research and development or small scale production.


  1. The glass parts are made of high borosilicate 3.3 material, with excellent visibility;    

  2. The magnetic coupling seal can maintain a higher vacuum degree to ensure the evaporation effect;    

  3. Scraper film forming design, contacting material part take stainless steel 316L PTFE;    

  4. The sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber or tetrafluoroethylene, suitable for different material applications;  

  5. The main evaporator have been designed with full jacket and full insulation to ensure material fluidity;    

  6. Digital display pirani vacuum gauge, display high vacuum number;    

  7. Multi-plan structure configuration to guarantee different material and different process requirements.    


Model DMG-60 DMG-80 DMG-100 DMG-150 DMG-200
Feeding rate(L/h) 0.05~2 0.1~4 0.2~6 0.5~10 0.5~15
Effective evaporation area(m) 0.06 0.10.15 0.250.35
Feeding flask volume(L) 0.5 1225
Cooling area of internal condenser(m) 0.15
Distillate receiving flask(L) 0.51255
Residue receiving flask(L) 0.51255
Rotation speed(rpm) 50~300 50~500 50~500 50~500 50~500
Vaccum level(mbar) ≤0.001
Operation temperature( ℃) 300
Electrical requirement 220V,50/60Hz;380V,50/60Hz Other options can be provided
Equipment size(cm) 170*61*170 190*61*180 190*61*180 210*61*230 225*60*240


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