Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

FenixES Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

Innova can provide a variety of multi-parameter analyzers, simple to use, high accuracy, and full-featured.


INO-6C( V11 ) Main Features:

FenixES Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

  1. The test meets the standard.

  2. Multi-light path non-interference system, for COD/NH3-N/TP/TN/Turbidity, Supports two colorimetric methods: dish colorimetric and tube colorimetric.

  3. Digestion and colorimetric all-in-one machine.

  4. 5.6-inch color touch screen.

  5. The instrument has its own calibration function, no need to manually make a curve.

  6. Direct reading of concentration, more accurate and stable measurement results.

  7. Data transmission, USB interface.

  8. It can store 16,000 sets of data.

  9. Adopting patented design mold shell.

INO-6C( V8 ) Main Features:

  1. Can determine COD, Ammonia Nitrogen, Total phosphorus, and Turbidity.

  2. Set the colorimetric system, Digestive system, and timing system in one.

  3. High-definition color LCD, humanized operation, and simple to use.

  4. Intelligent data analysis, data analysis at a glance.

  5. Can change font size, data display more clearly, and parameters more detailed.

  6. Imported heat-resistant protective cover, to ensure the safety and reliability of the experiment.

  7. Light source life is 100 thousand hours.

  8. Above digestion hole, has aviation insulation, and layer protection, and can effectively prevent scald.

  9. Support two ways of the colorimetric cuvette and colorimetric tube.

  10. The color LCD screen display and concentration direct reading.

INO-3B( V8 ) Main Features:

  1. The concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and turbidity were directly determined.

  2. The results of the determination are displayed on the LCD screen.

  3. It supports the data analysis function and has the function of automatically making an analysis curve.

  4. It can transmit the current data and all stored historical data to the computer, and support USB transmission and infrared wireless transmission. (selection)

  5. The self-calibration function of the instrument can be calculated and stored according to the standard sample, without manual production of curves.

  6. There are 219 curves in memory, of which 166 are standard curves and 53 regression curves. Curves can be invoked according to their needs.

  7. Equipped with professional consumables reagents, the working procedures are greatly reduced, the measurement is simpler and the results are more accurate.

  8. It can accurately store 12 thousand measured data (each data contains detection date, detection time, instrument parameters, and test results).

  9. The printer can print current data and all stored historical data.

  10. The rate of digestion is automatically adjusted with the number of loads to achieve intelligent constant temperature control, with a time delay protection function.

  11. The instrument adopts the self-designed non-metal case. The machine is beautiful and generous.
    INO-3B(V10)Main Features

    1. It can test about 50 indicators, such as chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, free chlorine, and total chlorine,  suspended solid, chroma (platinum-cobalt color series), turbidity, heavy metal, organic pollutants, and inorganic pollution. A number of indicators such as objects, and direct reading of the concentration.

    2.  Memory curve: 228 curves are stored in memory, including 165 standard curves and 63 regression curves. The corresponding curves can be called as needed.

    3. Data storage: 12,000 measurement data can be stored accurately (each piece of data information includes the test date, test time, test 1, hour instrument parameters, and test results). 

    4. Data transmission: can transmit current data and all stored historical data to the computer, support USB transmission, and infrared wireless transmission (optional). 

    5. Intelligent constant temperature: the digestion power is automatically adjusted with the number of loads to realize intelligent constant temperature control with delay protection and other functions.

    6. Calibration function: The instrument has its own calibration function, which can calculate and store the curve based on the standard sample, without the need to manually make the curve.

    7. Built-in printer: The built-in printer of the instrument can print current data and all stored historical data.


DZS-706A Main Features:

  1.  Can determine pH, mv, ion, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, ORP, DO Saturation, temperature.
  2.  LCD display screen
  3.  Multi-reading feature allows auto-read, timed-read and continuous-read. 
  4.  Automatic/Manual temperature compensation ensures accurate results. 
  5.  Auto-hold feature senses and locks the measurement endpoint.
  6.  Over 20 settable parameters, including number of calibration points, stability criteria temperature unit, etc.
  7.  Data capacity of up to 500 sets (GLP-compliant).
  8.  Data can be transferred to PC or printer by USB or RS-232 communication interfaces.


ItemCODAmmonia Nitrogen Total phosphorus Total nitrogen Turbidity
Measurement range 0-10000mg/L (subsection) 0-160mg/L (subsection) 0-100mg/L (subsection) 0-100mg/L (subsection) 0-250NTU
AccuracyCOD50mg/L,≤± 5%≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%
Repeatability ≤±3%
Process 12pcs
Display screen 5.6 inch touch screen
Optical stability <0.005A/20min
Anti chlorine interference Cl-]﹤1000mg/L [Cl-]﹤4000mg/L (Optional)/
Digestion temperature165℃±0.5℃/120℃±0.5℃ 122℃±0.5℃ /
Digestion time10min/30min40min/
Colorimetric method Tube/Cuvette
Data storage 16000
Curve number 132pcs
Data transmission USB
Rated voltage AC220V
ItemCODAmmonia Nitrogen Total phosphorus Turbidity
Measurement range 5-5000mg/L (subsection)0.02-30mg/L (subsection) 0.002-10mg/L (subsection)0.5-400NTU
AccuracyCOD50mg/L,≤± 5%≤±10%≤±5%≤±5%
Min test line 0.1mg/L 0.01mg/L 0.001mg/L 0.1NTU
Test time Test time 20min 10~15min 35~50min 1min
Batch process 12pcs 20pcs12pcs Not limited
Repeatability ≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%
Light source life 100 thousand hours
Optical stability ≤0.001A/10min
Anti chlorine interference [Cl-]﹤1000mg/L [Cl-]﹤4000mg/L (Optional)///
Digestion temperature 165℃±0.5℃ /120℃±0.5℃ /
Digestion time10min/30min/
Colorimetric method Tube/CuvetteTube/CuvetteTube/CuvetteCuvette
Data storage 12 thousand
Curve number 56pcs
Data transmission USB/Infrared (Optional)
Rated voltage AC220V
Timing switch 3pcs 3pcs 3pcs /
ItemCODAmmonia Nitrogen Total phosphorus Turbidity
Range 2-10000mg/L (subsection)0.02-100mg/L (subsection)0.002-5mg/L (subsection)0.5-400NTU
Measurement accuracyCOD<50mg/L,≤±10%; COD>50mg/L,≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%
Iimits of detection0.1mg/L 0.1mg/L 0.1mg/L 0.1mg/L
Test time Test time 20min 10~15min 35~50min 1min
Batch process 16 water samples
Repeatability ≤±5%
Lamp life 100 thousand hours
Optical stability ≤±0.005A/20min
Colorimetric method Tube/Cuvette
Data storage 12 thousand
Display mode LCD(320*240)
Communication interface USB/Infra-red (optional)
Power supply 220V(AC power)
Digestion temperature165℃±0.5℃ /120℃±0.5℃ /
Digestion time10min /10min /
Timing range 1min-96hour
Timing switch 3
Power supply AC220V±10%/50Hz
ItemCODAmmonia Nitrogen Total phosphorus Total nitrogen Turbidity
Range 2~10000 mg/L 0-160 mg/L 0-100mg/L (subsection) 0-100mg/L (subsection) 0.5~400 NTU
AccuracyCOD50mg/L,≤± 5%≤±5%≤±5%≤±5%±2% limit of detection: 0.1NTU
RemarkAnti-chlorine interference: [CL-]<1000mg/L no interference; [CL-]<4000mg/L (optional)//Test method: Formazine spectrophotometric method
Curve qty 228 pcs Data storage 12000 pcs DisplayTouch screen big LCD
Test Support cuvette and tubeprinterThermal printer Data transmission USB or infrared transmission
Temperature range 45~190℃ Timing range 1min~10h Timing accuracy 0.2 s/h
Temperature result accuracy <±2℃ Temperature homogeneity ≤2℃ Digest time accuracy ≤±2%
pHRange -2.00~20.00pH
Resolution 0.01pH
mV Range-1999.9-1999.9mV
Resolution0.1 mv
pXRange -2.00~20.00pX
Resolution0.01 pX
Accuracy±0.01 pX
Ion Concentration Range (0~19990)Unit: mol/L, mmol/L, g/L, mg/L, μg/L
Resolution 4-digit Significant Number
Conductivity Range0.000μS/cm~199.9mS/cm
Resolution 0.001μS/cm
Accuracy±1.0% (FS)
Resistivity Range5.00Ω.cm~20.00MΩ.cm
Accuracy±1.0% (FS)
TDSRange0.000 mg/L~100g/L
Accuracy±1.0% (FS)
TemperatureRange-5.0~105.0 ℃
Accuracy±0.2 ℃
GeneralPower Supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz


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