Knife Mill

FenixES Knife Mill

INNOVA Knife Mill brings fast and reliable homogenized pulverization results to samples containing water and oil, making your random sampling a representative typical sample.


IMK600S Technical features

FenixES Knife Mill

  • High speed and more efficient grinding.
  • Wide range of accessories and wide range of applications.
  • Sample vessel easy to clean and exchange.
  • The plugged structure rotor and containers, all grinding sets can be sterilized at high temperatures and high pressure.
  • One button operation, more easily.
  • Data digital display, memory 4 groups.
  • Run mode, interval、forward、backward, quick.
  • The instrument is equipped with a safety lock device, the machine cover can not be opened during grinding, and the instrument can not start when the machine cover is opened. Ensure the safety of operators and meet CE certification.
  • Knife-serrated blades make hard samples, and fat samples better homogenized.
  • The cover can be automatically switched.


IMK600E Technical features

  • Can grind samples containing large amounts of water, lipids, or fibers.
  • Can withstand low temperatures, and grind frozen samples.
  • With intermittent mode, reversal mode, and point-moving mode.
  • Meets the highest standards of safe operation and functionality.
  • During the grinding process, the gravity top cover can be manually controlled to move up and down to ensure better sample homogeneity.


Model IMK600S
Sample Type Dry, elastic, hard, brittle, fibrous, soft, medium-hard, moisture, oil, fat
Feed size 10-50mm
Final fineness Approx. 300µm
Feeding Quantity Max. 700ml
Setting Speed 1000-12000rpm
Knife diameter and line speed 118mm/about 12.4-62m/s
Grinding environment range Dry, Wet, Low temperature grinding
Grinding containers and material 1L,stainless, PC
Setting time 1s-5min, digital display
Run mode Interval,forward, backward, quick
Knife material Stainless steel, titanium
Parameter storage 4 groups
Dimension(W×H×D) 300×370×260mm
Net Weight Approx. 19kg
Electrical parameters 220V/1100W
Model IMK600E
Feed size ≤50mm
Final fineness ≤300μm
Motor speed 2000-10000rpm
Feeding Quantity 300-700mL
Setting Speed 1000-12000rpm
Setting grinding time 00:01~09:59 h/min
Number of blades 2
Capping mode During the grinding process, the gravity top cover can be manually controlled to move up and down
Rated power 1.1KW
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Dimension(W×H×D) 300×510×530mm
Package Size 466×550×630mm
Net Weight 26Kg


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