High Speed Benchtop Centrifuge

FenixES High Speed Benchtop Centrifuge

The centrifuge is widely applied in science and research units of biology,chemistry,radio-immunity,medicine,pharmacy,food and environmental protection,to make separation of biological products and blood sample.


Intelligent control system

  • Equipped with five groups of  user-defined preset programs.
  • Program group shortcut key, large storage space, can store 99 program groups.
  •  Automatic electronic door lock.
  •  One key short-time centrifuge button.


Excellent kernel performance

  • HD large LCD display and the parameters can be revised during operation without shutdown.
  • Microcomputer control ,AC frequency conversion brush-less motor with fast speed and stable operation.
  •  10 gear acceleration /deceleration with linear drive.
  •  Two modes can be set: start timing/arrival revolution timing.

Careful and safe care

  • With rotor automatic identification system .
  • Over speed,over heat,unbalance protections with auto lid lock.
  • Steel Structure,centrifuge chamber made of stainless steel with Environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating treatment.

Intimate detail design

  • An intimate tool rack is provided for accompanying tools to guard the instrument at all times.
  • The front of the fuselage is designed with an operation SOP guide map, which makes it easier and more standard for laboratory personnel to use the instrument.
  • It is equipped with a rotor cover that can be quickly locked for easy use.
  • Ergonomic, low opening height, close the centrifuge cover with one press.
  • Special noise reduction system. 


Model Rotoh 166
Max. Speed 16500rpm
Max. RCF 21615×g
Max. capacity 12×5ml
Timer 1s~99min59s
Revolutions/min ±10r/min
Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz 10A or custom
Power 350W
Noise Level ≤ 62dB(A)
Size (mm) 360×270×250
Net Weight 19kg
Model Rotoh 168 Rotoh 1814 Rotoh 2017 Rotoh 2117
Max. Speed 16500rpm 18000rpm 20000rpm 21000rpm
Max. RCF 26145×g 31115×g 31115×g 32868×g
Max. capacity 6×50ml 4×100ml 4×250ml 4×750ml
Timer 1s~99h59min
Revolutions/min ±10r/min
Rotor automatic recognition Yes
Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz 10A or custom
Power consumption 800W 800W 1200W 1500W
Noise Level≤ 60dB(A) ≤ 60dB(A) ≤ 60dB(A) ≤ 60dB(A)
Size(mm) 480×360×330 480×360×330 560×570×370 660×730×445
Net Weight 38kg 38kg 110kg 123kg


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