Infrared Spectrophotometer

FenixES Infrared Spectrophotometer

INNOVA infrared spectrophotometer includes automatic, benchtop, and portable types.



IGLD-7600 Automatic Infrared Spectrophotometer  Main Features    

•The whole process is airtight, the personnel do not need to contact the reagent, and the waste gas is treated by activated carbon adsorption.
•The measuring process is fully automatic, and the waste liquid is recovered and separated Equipped with imported filtration device, effectively remove impurities, can test any water sample.
•The extraction system and pipelines are made of anti-corrosion and non-lipophilic PTEF materials, and the combination of ultrapure water and reagents is used for effective whole-process cleaning, which greatly reduces the loss of reagents and minimizes the crossover of water samples pollute.
•Real-time monitoring of the remaining amount of reagents and the dynamics of the water removal separation membrane can effectively prevent the equipment from idling.
•The main components are all imported products and self-developed special-purpose single components, which are highly reliable and durable.
•The instrument can automatically replenish reagents: one key to automatically add and replenish reagents.
•The software is powerful, ES Eyw+ configuration type process editing and analysis system, editable process control program, can edit and design the process according to user needs, water sample specificity and environmental specificity to customize detection related parameters, and execute with one key.
•Blank zeroing and multiple water sample testing can be completed with one key.
•With automatic dilution function, suitable for high-intensity, high-concentration, multi-tasking working environment.
•With functions of intelligent automatic processing information, database storage, printing and saving as Excel and PDF documents.
•Automatic wavelength scanning and automatic correction; a single measuring instrument automatically completes three-wavelength scanning tests of 3030cm-1, 2960cm-1, and 2930cm-1; standard curves are established through standard samples with different concentrations of oil content; the curves can be stored.
•Multiple calibration methods, proportional equations, calibration coefficients, quick calibration, standard curve automatic test and automatic import calculation.  

IGL-7100 Infrared Spectrophotometer  Main Features

FenixES Infrared Spectrophotometer

● Baseline stability: zero point automatic real-time tracking system eliminates the influence of baseline drift on the instrument.
● The instrument is an all-in-one machine: the instrument integrates an 11.6-inch industrial-grade multi-touch screen computer control terminal, (non-consumer tablet computer) does not need to be connected to an external PC computer, adopts wireless control, and is directly controlled and convenient;
● Communication mode: Bluetooth control and printing, reserved USB and RS232 and other data communication, printing serial port;
● Extractant purity self-test and wavelength automatic calibration:
The background platform is established to eliminate the influence of extractant
purity on measurement, and the software provides Es Eyw+tetrachloroethylene purity detection automatic navigation function and wavelength calibration self-test function, which can intelligently give purity self-test judgment prompt and wavelength automatic calibration;
●  Calibration method and detection medium:
The instrument also provides three calibration functions: correction coefficient, instrument constant and standard curve; Four independent detection unit modules of water samples, catering industry fumes, solid pollutants, fixed pollution source fumes, and oil mist;
● The software provides complete printing functions, including printing standard curves, blank zeroing and measurement data. When printing the standard curve, the standard curve map and data table can be printed; When printing blank zeroing, it can print blank zeroing maps; When printing the measurement data, the map in the range of 3.2um–3.6um can be printed and the position of the three wave number is emphasized with a vertical line, and the corresponding measurement data should include water sample concentration, water sample volume, extractant volume, dilution factor, blank sample oil concentration, oil measurement category and three wave number absorbance and other values, so as to facilitate user inspection;
●  Light source system: the use of electric modulation and demodulation power supply system to avoid the accumulation of internal temperature of the instrument and affect the stability of the data, can ensure that the service life of the light source can reach more than 8000 hours.

IGL-1100 Portable Infrared Spectrophotometer Main Features    

● High accuracy: the error of each measurement does not exceed ±2% (40mg/L).
● Baseline drift is less than 0.005AU/60min.
● The zero point is automatically adjusted, and the full-scale value is automatically adjusted.
● With the functions of mathematical statistics, spectrum display, storage, printing, etc.
● With the function of measuring instrument correction coefficient.
● With the function of direct reading of non-dispersive measurement results without conversion.
● Can test the purity of tetrachlorethylene and carbon tetrachloride.
● S-316, tetrachloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, trichlorotrifluoroethane, etc. can be used as extraction agents.



Number of samples≥10
Sample volume10ml~800ml
Scanning wavelength3.2μm~3.6μm
Absorbance range0.00000~4.00000AU
Fixed-point wavenumber range3200cm-1~2100cm-1
Measuring range0-5000mg/L
Extraction efficiencyNot less than 98%
Minimum detection concentration0.001mg/L
Repeatability RSD≤2%
Baseline drift <0.002AU/60min
linear correlation coefficient R>0.999
Absorbance range0.0000~3.0000AU (transmittance 100~1%T)
Wavenumber accuracy±1cm-1
Wavenumber repeatability±1cm-1
Basic measurement range0.00~800.00mg/L
Minimum detection concentration0.001mg/L
Highest detected concentration640000mg/L
RepeatabilityRSD≤0.6% (20~80mg/L standard sample determination 11 times)
Linear correlation coefficientR> 0.999
Scanning speedfull spectrum scanning, 30seconds / time
Fixed-point multiple scans10 seconds
Baseline drift No drift
Ambient temperature5°C~45°C
Relative humidity≤80%
Power supply (220±22)V, (50±1)Hz
Baseline driftNo drift
Minimum detection concentration 0.002mg/L
Highest detected concentration 640000mg/L
Measurement wavelength range 2400 cm-1~3400cm-1 (2940nm~4167nm)
Wavenumber accuracy±1cm-1
Wavenumber repeatability ±1cm-1
Absorbance range0.00000~3.00000AU
Basic measurement range 0.20~800.00mg/L
Repeatability RSD≤0.8% (20~80mg/L standard sample)
Linear correlation coefficient R>0.999
Methyl resolution >3%
Scanning speed full spectrum scanning, 30 seconds/time
Fixed-point multiple scans 10 seconds
Non-dispersive infrared method 2 seconds
Weight 8kg
Power supply Portable charger


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