Vacuum Aspirator

FenixES Vacuum Aspirator

Vacuum aspirator is mainly used in laboratory waste liquid absorption, separation of tissue and culture liquid after biochemical culture, separation of supernatant liquid after centrifugation and other work.


Model Characteristics
IESafeVacsafe and efficient treatment of hazardous or biohazardous laboratory liquid waste • Compact, user-friendly design
• Level detection system prevents bottle overfill
• Control knob for vacuum setting
• The parts in contact with liquids are autoclavable
• Easy to disassemble and clean
• Ideal tool to avoid lab air contamination and protect personnel safety
• Adjustable vacuum level with indicator light is designed for various applications
IEEcoVac,small,compact and easy to use system for the convenient handling of liquid waste disposal. • Small and compact to fit in the cabinet, on the benchtop or even beneath the bench
• Easy to switch between manual aspiration and continuous aspiration mode, reducing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and improving efficiency
• Collection bottle outlet with hydrophobic filter prevents aerosol and liquid contamination
• Brushless motor offers low noise and long life
• Different adapters are available to fit a multitude of laboratory supplies
• The parts in contact with liquids can be autoclaved
• Adjustable vacuum level with indicator light is designed for various applications
IESmartVac,desktop small vacuum aspirator, 1L desktop small vacuum aspirator equipped with rechargeable battery, specially developed for the flexible processing of a small amount of liquid, one-button control, simple operation, widely used. Compact and portable, space saving: suitable for any table such as ultra-clean workbench, the collection bottle is independent of the vacuum source and power, can be placed in any position.
Built-in rechargeable battery, one button start, independent work: fully charged can work for five hours.
Fast suction, safe and reliable: suction rate up to 1.6L/min; Water transfer filters protect equipment from contamination.
Suction and filter double functions: standard 1L collection bottle, optional 500ml collection bottle (autoclave) and filter bottle.


IESafeVac IEEcoVac IESmartVac
Application Liquid collection and storage treatment, including cell culture medium, suspension, supernatant.Liquid collection and storage handling, including aspiration and handling of cell cultures, suspensions, supernatants, etc.
Volume Range Vacuum range: 0-600mbar Bottle volume:4LVacuum range: 0-500mbar Bottle volume:2LVacuum range: 0-600mbar Bottle volume:1L
Reagent Recovery Function NoNoNo
Features Sensitive level sensor,Self-closing connector1L bottle optional, Switch manual and continuous aspiration500mL bottle and optional suction flask
Fully autoclavable The part where the liquid flows The part where the liquid flows 500mL collecting bottle
AccessoriesHandle adapter Handle adapter Handle adapter
Vacuum range 0-600mbar 0-500mbar 600mbar
Aspirating speed 15L/min (air) 15L/min (air) 1.6L/min
Flow rate [liquid] 17mL/s 17mL/s 17mL/s
Bottle Volume 4L 2L standard, 1L optional with adaptor 1L standard, 500mL optional,Suction flask
Input voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz DC12V, 1.0A
Weight 3kg2.8kg 0.5kg


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