Cutting Mill

FenixES Cutting Mill

INNOVA Cutting mill, suitable for soft, medium-hard、toughness, and fibrous samples, quick grinding, and More efficient cutting speed can be readily solved when dealing with heat-sensitive samples.


IM300S Cutting mill adopts a three-phase motor with strong output, and high torque cutting makes it more excellent in the face of extremely complex samples (such as solid waste). Stepless speed regulation can be adapted to various samples. The motor brake is stopped quickly. When the grinding cavity is opened, the instrument can not operate and safety is ensured. In addition, IM300S can be equipped with a cyclone separator, suitable for fibrous or lightweight samples, to improve grinding efficiency.

Technical features:

  1. 3KW motor drives efficiently to ensure effective grinding of samples.

  2. 100-3000rpm is adjustable to suit different samples.

  3. Multiple continuous cutting edges in the grinding chamber are short the grinding time of the sample.

  4. Plug-in Type rotor and bottom sieve, easy to clean.

  5. Low heat build-up, suitable for heat-sensitive samples.

  6. Large feeding quantity, up to 80L/h, final fineness 100µm-20mm, suitable for different requirements.

  7. Different material rotors and ring sieves.

  8. The digital display ensures the repeatability of sample results.

  9. The control panel reads the load directly in class, which makes it easy to adjust the feed Speed and feed rate.

  10. The sample booster can make the sample easier to enter the grinding cavity for grinding.

  11. Escape-free hopper, dust-free design, easy to clean.

  12. The instrument has a sensing device and operation safety.

  13. The motor has a brake system and stops quickly.

  14. Designed with an aerated grille to facilitate sample collection.

  15. The bracket is aluminum, separable from the host, and easy to transport.


Model IM300S
Sample Type Soft, Medium-hard, Toughness, Elastic, Fibrous
Feed size 70×90 mm
Final fineness About 100µm-250µm (Depending on the nature of the sample and grinding environment)
Feeding quantity batch 80L/h
Setting speed 100rpm-3000rpm
Grinding environment range Dry
Collection device 0.5L, 3L, 5L, 30L
Rotor material Stainless steel, Tungsten carbide, Heavy-metal-free
Rotor teeth 3 teeth parallel section rotor/ 24 teeth Continuous rotor
Sieve holes(stainless) Trapezoidal holes 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm / Round or Square holes 2.0mm,4.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 20.0mm
Hopper Dust-free hopper, Screw feeder
Cyclone separator Optional 0.5L,1L,3L,5L,30L
Dimension (W×H×D) 455×1450×715
Net Weight Approx. 150Kg
Electrical Parameters 380V/3000W


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