Sample Automatic Divider

INNOVA IF200S sample dividers are rotating dividers. Both small and rough materials can ensure a high standard of accuracy. The material feed and dividing processes take place automatically, without interruption and without loss of material. The feed amount can range from a few grams up to 5L depending on the sample vessels used. It is possible to produce an individual number of identical fractions for various applications by the repeated division or combination of fractions.


Technical features

  1. Extremely high division accuracy,Representative and reproducible division for accurate analysis results.

  2. The injection system and the sample separation system are integrated and easy to operate.

  3. Fully automatic design, preset time, speed and injection speed.

  4. The sampling chamber is optional, which is suitable for different sample.

  5. The split crown is made of aluminum material with abrasion resistance and difficult to adsorb samples.

  6. For samples with finer particle size, the cap is protected by dust cap.

  7. Split crown fastener structure design, easy disassembly.

  8. The overall design of the instrument is compact, convenient to clean.

  9. Low-noise drive.


Model IF200S
Sample Type Bulk materials
Feed size <12mm
Sample Divider batch 5L
Sample Copies 6/8/10
Electrical Parameters 220V/150W


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