Real-time PCR System IRTP 96

FenixES Real-time PCR System IRTP 96

As a necessary choice for quantitative analysis of molecular biology, real-time PCR system has been widely used in various fields such as scientific research, clinical detection and diagnosis, quality and safety testing, and forensic applications.


FenixES Real-time PCR System IRTP 96

Up to 6 fluorescence detection channels allowing multiplex PCR.

Effectively reduce multi-color crosstalk and edge effect, no ROX correction required to reduce sample and reagent use

Innovative scanning method and time-resolved signal separation technology to improve detection sensitivity

Unique edge temperature compensation technology to minimize “edge effect”

User-friendly software

Innovative   technology   with   long-lastig   LED  light   provides reliability results


Temperature control system
Sample capacity 96
Reaction volume 10-50 μl
Thermal cycle technology Peltier
Max. Heating/Cooling rate 6.0° C/s
Heating temperature range 4 – 100 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.2°C
Temperature uniformity ±0.2℃ @60℃ , ±0.3℃ @95℃
Temperature gradient setting range 30–100°C
Temperature gradient difference setting range 1 – 36°C
Detection system
Excitation light source 4/6 monochrome high efficiency LEDs
Detection device PMT
Detection mode Time-resolved signal separating technology
Excitation/detection wavelength range 455-650nm/510-715nm
Fluorescent channels 4/6 channels
Supported dye FAM/SYBR Green, VIC/JOE/HEX/TET, ABY/NED/TAMRA/Cy3, JUN, ROX/Texas Red, Mustang Purple, Cy5/LIZ
Sensitivity Single copy gene
Resolution 1.33 folds copy number difference can be distinguished in single-plex QPCR
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude copies


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