Jaw Crusher

FenixES Jaw Crusher

INNOVA jaw crusher is a kind of professional instrument used in the lab to make solid sample, which has a good performance in rigidity, noise-making and crushing speed. lt can quickly do the coarse crushing and pre-crushing for fragile materials, hard materials, mid-hard materials and tough materials, etc. Zero correction can be done to the jaw crusher, the gap between jaw plates can be adjusted if a better crushing effect is required.


IMJ100 Jaw Crusher Technical features

FenixES Jaw Crusher

  1. High efficiency in crushing, large capacity, and low noise.

  2. The motion of the jaw support is in the form of an advanced link operation, which takes the place of support by spring and bracket. So phenomena such as the spring loosening, the spring extending and the bracket falling off can be avoided.

  3. Mechanical lock and electronic lock are available, when the feeding hopper is open, the jaw crusher will not run. So the personal safety of experiment people can be highly ensured.

  4. The feeding hopper uses a one-way anti-splash device, which is able to be turned over. So the samples will not splash and the cleaning of the grinding chamber can be faster and more complete.

  5. The gap between jaw plates are able to be adjusted continuously, and zero correction is available, which can ensure the correctness of the output particle size.

  6. The muted motor is used and overload protection is available, the rotation speed is 800rmp, which helps increase the crushing efficiency by 30%.

  7. The leakproofness is quite good and there is a dust-drain interface, which can well protect the environment in the lab.

  8. intelligent controller is available, so it is quite safe; there is also overload protection.


IMJ200S Jaw Crusher Technical features

  1. Compact, space-saving benchtop instrument

  2. The final fineness can reach D90<250μm

  3. The hopper can be turned over for cleaning easily, escape-free hopper

  4. Gap width and speed digital display and adjustable

  5. Different materials jaws can be used for different applications

  6. The jaw can be easily dismantled without tools and easily for cleaning

  7. The movement direction of the jaw can be turned over

  8. Zero-point adjustment for wear compensation

  9. Large LCD touchscreen

IMJ200E Jaw Crusher Technical features

  1. The compact desktop design does not take up laboratory space.

  2. The final sample size is small (D90 < 500 μm).

  3. The rotational speed is adjustable from 500 to 1000 rpm.

  4. The LED 5-inch touchscreen shows the gap width and rotational speed of the jaw plate.

  5. With zero correction function, which can ensure the repeatability of the results after long use

  6. A crushed jaw plate can be disassembled and cleaned without the help of tools.

  7. With a dust suction port and the effect of no dust can be achieved by connecting the vacuum cleaner in the working process

  8. In order to protect the jaw plate, the instrument has the function of automatic reversal after being stuck.


Model IMJ100
Feed size ≤95mm
Final fineness <2mm(D90)
Adjustment range of output size 0-35mm (adjust continuously)
Gap width Read the scale
Zero correction Yes
Hopper Able to be turned over
Grinding set material Hadifield steel,stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia, MnSi, heavy metal-proof steel, industrial plastics
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Motor power 2.2KW
Model IMJ200S
Sample Type Medium-hard, hard, brittle
Feed size ≤40mm
Final fineness D90<250µm (Depending on the nature of the sample and the milling environment)
Collector Capacity 3L
Throughput 3L/batch Customizable continuous feed
Setting Time 2 mode optional,1s-7h59min59s, continuous
Setting Gap width 0-12mm
Parameter Storage 10 groups
Gap width Display Digital
Load Display Digital graphic display
Zero Point adjustment Yes
Dust Extraction unit Dust-proof case
Jaw Material Manganese steel, Stainless steel, Tungsten carbide, Anti-heavy metal steel, Zirconia
Jaw Width 60mm
Speed 500-1000rpm Customized
Dimension (W×H×D) 420mm×490mm×595mm
Net weight Appro. 80Kg
Electrical Parameters 220V/1100W
Model IMJ200E
Feed size ≤50mm
Final fineness <500µm
Rotating speed 500-1000rpm
Receiving tank volume 3L
Jaw plate width 59.5mm
Gap width 0-15mm (adjust continuously)
Zero correction Yes
Grinding set material Manganese steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia, heavy metal free steel, industrial plastic
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Motor power 1.1KW
Dimension 450×650×500mm
Package Size 800×900×800mm
Net weight 98kg


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