Mechanical Pipettes

FenixES Mechanical Pipettes

Mechanical pipette is a laboratory piece of equipment designed to handly measure the volume of a liquid within a certain range and to suck it up to drop it into other containers. It is widely used in biology, chemistry and other fields. Various designs to achieve different accuracy and precision.


Model DescriptionCharacteristics
IMHiPetteNNOVA's new generation fully autoclavable mechanical pipette has the best ergonomic design and ultralight weight. It has been designed keeping in mind the human form and human factors to offer smooth and effortless ergonomic pipetting experience. It is UV sterilisable and resistant to strong chemical corrosion. In addition, the volume lock helps protect from volume changing accidentally, and achieve reliable pipetting of smallest volume of liquids.lUltra-light ergonomic design: Light weight and light pipetting force with soft range adjustment and piston movement offers effortless & fatigue-less pipetting experience.
lAccurate pipetting: Special material and the updated components & technologies effectively reduces the operating force for accuracy, precision and reliability.
lComplete sterilization: The best in class pipette material used is fully autoclavable. It gives better protection against chemical & physical corrosion, and offers enhanced UV resistance for higher durability.
IMMicroPette PlusIMicroPette Plus pipettes can be autoclaved for 20 minutes at 121°C, 1 atm, and can be sterilized as a whole without special preparation. After sterilization, they must be fully left to cool and dry for more than 12 hours. It is recommended that the performance of the pipette be checked after each autoclave. It is also recommended to re-lubricate the pipette piston and seal after every 10 autoclaves.
• Fully autoclavable
• Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience
• Easy-to-read volume display
• The pipettes cover the volume range from 0.1μL to 5000μL
• Easy calibration and maintenance
• Manufactured from innovative materials
• individual calibration certificate according to ISO8655
IMMiniPetteIMMiniPette is a small pipette for pipetting small samples.• Ergonomic design provides excellent operation experience;
• Smart body size ideal to be packed into IVD assay kits;
• Compatible with universal 200μL/300μL tips;


Model Application Operation Method VolumeChannel Autoclavable
IMHiPette Aqueous solution Mechanical 0.1-10000μLSingle channel YES
IMMicroPette Plus Aqueous solution 0.1-5000μL Single Channel Adj. & Fixed; YES
0.5-300μL 8 Channel Adj.;
12 Channel Adj.;
IMTopPette Aqueous solution 0.1-5000μL Single Channel Adj. & Fixed; YES
0.5-300μL 8 Channel Adj.;
12 Channel Adj.;
IMMiniPette Aqueous solution 25-300μL Single Channel Fixed NO


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