Mini Real-time PCR System IRTP 16

FenixES Mini Real-time PCR System IRTP 16

Designed for rapid nucleic acid testing needs in applied fields such as clinical, food, environmental and research. It is supported by highly-sensitive fluorescence measurements made in real-time. It can detect 16 samples at the same time, and the standard configuration is FAM/SYBR, VIC two-color fluorescence channels. ROX and Cy5 fluorescence channels are optional. It is light & compact and supports stand-alone operations, with 7-inch color touch screen display for results. The instrument adopts innovative liquid cycle refrigeration technology combined with peltier temperature control technology to achieve rapid heating and cooling. It offers CT value analysis, absolute quantitative analysis, supports isothermal amplification and end point analysis (customizable).


Main Features:

On board software with large screen panel for ease of use: 7-inch color touch screen shows all parameters, test results and real time testing curve.

Portable and light : the weight is only 4kg. It can be used with vehicle power supply for immediate onsite detection.

Ultra-fast temperature control system: unique liquid circulation refrigeration, Variable temperature rate up to 6 /s.

Sensitive and efficient optical signal detection system, multi-channel fluorescence without crosstalk: based on unique Fresnel lens, high-efficiency

PMT and maintenance-free LED. 16-hole scanning takes only 1s. Compatible with 0.2mL PCR clear tubes or eight strips, can measure 16 samples at the same time.

Software functions can be customized.

4G data memory. Testing results can be exported with USB or printed.


Three models for your choice:

Accurate96-T: Touch screen with ultra-fast temperature control system.
Accurate96-i: Touch screen with isothermal function, for customized needs of reagent manufacturer.
Accurate96-S: Controlled by external labtop and software, can be customized with dedicated test kits.

Technical ParametersAccurate16-T Accurate16-I Accurate16-S
Sample capacity 2 8 0.2ml tube/strips clear
Reaction volume 10-50 l
Touch screen YES YES NO
Thermal cycle technology Peltier, liquid circulation refrigerationHeating film Peltier, liquid circulation refrigeration
Max. Heating/Cooling rate 6.0° C/s6.0° C/s
Heating temperature range 4 – 100 °CRoom temperature-80°C 4 – 100 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.2°C± 0.2°C± 0.2°C
Temperature uniformity ±0.2℃ @60℃ , ±0.3℃ @95℃±0.2°C ±0.2℃ @60℃ , ±0.3℃ @95℃
Excitation light source Monochrome high efficiency LED
Detection device PMT
Detection mode Fast hole-by-hole scanning
Fluorescent channels Standard FAM/ SYBR, VIC/HEX/ TET Optional ROX CY5/TAMRA
Sensitivity Single copy gene
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude copies
Analysis mode CT value analysis, absolute quantitative analysis
Dimension [W×D×H] 220 275 100 mm
Power Supply 100-240V or Optional 12V, 10A mobile power
Weight 4kg
* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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