Vibratory Disc Mill

FenixES Vibratory Disc Mill

INNOVA Vibratory Disc Mill (IM900) is particularly suitable for rapid, loss-free grinding of hard, brittle and fibrous materials to analytical fineness. The IM900 is primarily used for sample preparation for spectral analysis. IM900 Even in large volume grinding jars and high speed, it can maintain a smooth and low tempered run. It can achieve 20-100 micron grinding fineness within a few seconds and has good reproducibility.


Technical features

  1. Extremely short grinding time,XRF or other spectral analysis of fineness requirements. (about 100µm).

  2. Reproducible results.

  3. Handle ergonomics design, grinding sets is easy to install.

  4. Quick-action grinding set clamping device, stable planar drive.

  5. Setting speed range 700-1500rpm.

  6. Grinding sets in different sizes and materials.

  7. Agate and tungsten carbide recognition for automatic speed reduction ( Speed Iimit 1200rpm and 700rpm ) .

  8. The grinding jars can be slid from the track to the exact position.

  9. LCD touch screen display.

  10. 10 parameter combinations can be stored.

  11. Sealed, noise-insulated grinding chamber.

  12. Maintenance-free.


Model IM900
Sample Type Medium-hard, hard, brittle, fibrous
Feed size ≤15mm
Final fineness D90≤20um (Depending on the nature of the sample and grinding environment)
Feeding quantity batch 15-250ml
Grinding volume 50ml/100ml/250ml
Setting speed 700-1500rpm, continuous
Setting grinding time 1s-99h59min59s
Grinding sets material Chrome steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, agate, zirconium oxide, anti-heavy metal steel
Program storage 10 groups
Grinding environment range Dry and wet
Dimension (W×H×D) 810×1220×815mm
Net Weight Approx. 300Kg
Electrical Parameters 220V/50HZ/1500W


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