Innova T series vacuum autoclave is equipped with intelligent microprocessor control system with touch screen, easy operation, fast response. Multiple sterilization programs. Password protection.


  • Tabletop compact design. Widely used in dental clinic, ophthalmology clinic, laboratory, and beauty salon etc.
  • Housing, support frame made of powder coated corrosion-resistant high-density steel, strong and durable with fashion appearance.
  • Comply EU standard Class B, built-in vacuum pump with 3 pulsating vacuums. Vacuum up to -0.9Bar (- 0.09Mpa). Residual humidity<0.2, suitable to sterilize wrap, unwrap, solid, porous, hollow device.
  • Temperature and pressure range 138°C, 2.1 bar.
  • Fully automatic microprocessor control system, easy operation, fast response. Multiple sterilization programs. Password protection.
  • Programmable timer.
  • LCD touch screen, more user-friendly and practicable for operation.
  • Wide-open water tank on top, easy to maintain and clean, automatic feed water for steam generation.
  • Metal pipe connecting the heating paths, more reliable and durable.
  • Patent steam generator, more efficient to get steam and heat.
  • Air-cooled steam exhaust (IA-45 is water-cooled).
  • Built-in printer for batch documentation.
  • Temperature PT-1000.


  • With B& D test and vacuum test procedures, to test the penetrability.
  • Double lock system to ensure safety

T Series & TF Series

Chamber dimensions Ø x   depth (mm)249*355249*450249*450319*623
Chamber volume (L) Total/working18232329
External dimensions (mm)475*610*410475*630*500470*630*500540*580*781
Packing dimensions (mm)720*545*580720*545*580720*545*580625*650*901
N.W. /G.W. (kg)63/7065/7265/7272/80
Heating capacity (kw)2222.5
Sterilization cycle time (mins)35~6035~6035~6035~60
Water requiredDistilledDistilledDistilledDistilled